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Meditating & Yoga, Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

One thing I was always sure of is my love for food and cooking, teaching Yoga however is a passion upon which I stumbled totally by accident. Being part German and part from the Bahamas I always felt that the islands were home to me and in 2009 after finishing a management training at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago I decided to move to Harbour Island where my mum had recently relocated to. Upon finding out that there were no exercise classes offered on Harbour Island I, who had been practicing Pilates religiously in Chicago, started working out by myself on the beautiful Pink Sand beach. Soon friends asked me if they could join my workout sessions. Word got around the little island and before too long I was teaching 3 community classes per week on the beach as well as several private classes. After a trip to Miami and taking classes at Synergy Yoga, I fell in love with practicing hatha yoga. At the time I did not have the money to do a teacher training but I started developing my own practice and honing my teaching skills by watching Yoga videos which soon led me to studying different Yoga texts. Around that time me and my sister Charlotte opened Sweet Spot cafe a ice cream/ candy bar in Harbour Island which we run together. 2014 turned out to be a defining year both for me personally and also for the development of Sweet Spot. I finally did a 200hr yoga teacher training at Synergy Yoga with Victoria Brunacci and became a certified yoga teacher. During the teacher training I switched to a vegetarian mainly vegan diet and me and Charlotte decided to change the concept of Sweet Spot. We stopped offering candy and ice cream, Charlotte developed a passion for making delicious & healthy raw desserts and we added vegetarian lunch specials, fresh juices and artisan ice pops to the menu.
My yoga classes like my cooking are a mix of many different flavors, blended together with love to create a unique vinyasa flow based on each students individual needs.


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